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Page: Canonical Model Unknown User (malik) Jul 09, 2019
Page: CII-BRS Repository Unknown User (malik) Oct 27, 2020
Page: Code List Focal Point Aruna VIVEKANANTHAM Mar 19, 2024
Page: Code Lists and Identifiers Guide for the Garment and Leather Sector Project Unknown User (shlykova) Nov 14, 2022
Page: Code Management Project Unknown User (malik) Apr 09, 2018
Page: Common Framework for Freight Information Exchange Unknown User (gianguglielmo) Nov 10, 2016
Page: Consignment Security Declaration (Air CSD) Unknown User (shlykova) Jun 14, 2022
Page: Core Components and models of building blocks for Health Insurance in the field of reimbursement of claims Unknown User (malik) Feb 19, 2018
Page: Core Principles for the Operation of SW Lance THOMPSON Jun 15, 2020
Page: Core vocabulary related to single windows and similar platforms Lance Thompson Dec 19, 2016
Page: covid-project-deliverables Unknown User (malik) Mar 01, 2021
Page: Critical Minerals Traceability and Sustainability Jie WEI Mar 26, 2024
Page: Cross border Inter-ledger exchange for Preferential CoO using Blockchain Jie WEI Apr 19, 2024
Page: Cross Border Management Domain Lance THOMPSON May 18, 2021
Page: Cross border multimodal digital corridors for regulatory related movement of consignment data and consignment status information for trade facilitation Jie WEI Mar 26, 2024
Page: Cross Industry Invoice Light version (CII Light) Jie WEI Mar 18, 2024
Page: Cross Industry Scheduling Supply Chain Unknown User (malik) May 20, 2019
Page: Cross Industry Supply Chain Track and Trace Project Unknown User (shlykova) Apr 04, 2023
Page: Cross-Border Management Reference Data Model Aruna VIVEKANANTHAM Aug 09, 2022