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#1905004, #2003091, #2004102; #2006001, #2009043; #2101080, #2106009, #2107019
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Project Purpose

UN/CEFACT delivered the e-Certificate several years ago. Many countries have implemented this and are successfully exchanging E-certificates. However, the implementation of the G to G exchange mechanism is complicated due to a lack of harmonization and standardization which is costly and time consuming.

In 2018 IPPC introduced a tailor-made e-Cert platform called e-Phyto hub. Two operational instruments have been implemented; a hub and a generic web-based system. The E-Phyto hub offers a standardized method for exchanging these certificates. The situation to date is that both direct (country to country, outside the Hub) and indirect interactions (via the Hub) exist.

The purpose of this project is to develop an implementation guide that describes and gives guidance to implementation which is on the one hand hub compliant and on the other hand still facilitates direct communications which is less costly. The aim is to facilitate a standardized implementation in countries which wish to implement e-Certification.

Project Scope

The project team is expected to produce the e-Cert implementation guide which should be able to be used by governments implementing the UN/CEFACT e-Cert standard. The project shall develop a solution which is compatible with both the e-Phyto hub as well as country to country direct exchange outside the ePhyto hub. It will -next to exchange of Phyto certificates- be helpful for other certificates which are likely to have electronic equivalents in the near future next to existing paper certificates (Food (Codex Alimentarius) and Live Animals (OIE)). The implementation guide does not warrant a change in the existing UN/CEFACT E-cert technical artifacts.

Based on the implementations in use ,the implementation guide shall be based on Webservices Description Language (WSDL), a free, open standard.

Project Deliverables

  •  UN/CEFACT E-cert Implementation guide

Exit Criteria

  • Implementation guide approved by UN/CEFACT Bureau

Project Team membership and required functional expertise

Membership is open to UN/CEFACT experts with broad knowledge in the area of:

  • Agriculture, Phyto sanitary regulations, Codex guidelines, Customs and Food Safety procedures

Geographical Focus

The geographical focus of the project is global

Initial Contributions

  • E Phyto hub technical materials.

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