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Project proposal

UN/CEFACT Project Proposal

Procedures for Reference Data Model & Associated Artefacts Publication Project


First Submitted Date: 2016-05-01 V3
Last Update Date: YYYY-MM-DD 2016-07-07

1. Project purpose

The purpose of the project is to define the procedures for the creation and publication of CCL-based Reference Data Models and associated artefacts. The targeted version of the Core Component Library (CCL) will be the latest published version. is D16A.

2. Project scope

The complete process from inception to publication for Reference Data Model development and publication including but not limited to:


The project will define how to implement ODP for Reference Data Model artefacts. It will take into account the requirements linked to CCTS 2.01 & CCBDA 1.0 & NDR 2.1 artefacts publication.

As a proof of concept a draft of either the current SCRDM Data Reference Model or the current MMT Data Reference Model under development or both will be prepared for publication.

3. Project deliverables

The deliverables from this project will include:

  • Procedures definition, Description of the deliverables at each step
  • Proof of concept (MMT and/or SCRDM draft Reference Data Model)
  • First publication (machine processable and presentation artefacts)

4. Exit criteria

  • Procedure document published
  • Proof of concept successful completed
  • Public Review, comments resolution completed.


5. Project Team membership and required functional expertise

Membership is open to UN/CEFACT Experts [1] with broad knowledge in the area of standards production and publication and awareness of implementer’s expectations, the functions of UN/CEFACT, and its groups.

6. HoD support

  • Germany
  • France
  • Austria UK

Include their written expression of support using the template in annex IV.

7. Geographical Focus

The geographical focus is global.

8. Initial contributions

The contributions submitted with this proposal include:

  • MMT and SCRDM draft deliverables
  • Procedure for CCTS 2.01 & CCBDA 1.0 & NDR 2.1 Artefacts Publication Project

9. Resource requirements

Required resources include project management and modelling expertise.

10. Project Leadership

Proposed Project Leader:
[Person from M&T specification domain Proposed] Ulrike Linde
[Person from M&T specification domain Proposed]


11. Milestones (repeat per deliverable, if different)




ODP Stage

Expected Completion Date

Yes a

Project Inception

2016-0 7 5 -01


Requirements gathering

2016-0 9 7 -01


Draft development  
- of the presentation artefacts

2016- 11 09 -01


Draft development
- of the machine-to-machine readable format

2016 - 12 -01


Draft development

- of the methodology description

2017-0 2 -01


Public Draft Review
(required for Standards and Recommendations)

presentation   artefacts

of the machine-to-machine readable format

-            of the methodology description


201 7 6 - 01 11 -01

2017- 02 -01

2017- 04 -01


Project Exit

2017-0 5 1 -01



2017-0 6 1 -01




a The presence of “Yes” in this field in the template indicates it is required