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Project Proposal: Procedure for CCTS 2.01 & CCBDA 1.0 & NDR 2.1 Artefacts Publication Project

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Procedure for CCTS 2.01 & CCBDA 1.0 & NDR 2.1 Artefacts Publication Project



Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to define the procedures for the creation and publication of CCTS 2.01, CCBDA 1.0 and NDR 2.1 Business Standards. Reason for version 2:

Project Scope

The ODP process of developing a Business Standard from inception to publication for CCTS 2 and NDR 2 artefacts includes but is not limited to: - Harmonization of core components - Verification of libraries and other artefacts - Definition of the publication bundle - Publication schedules The project will define all new procedures and artefacts required to develop a Business Standard using the CCL Library and the CCTS 2.01, CCBDA 1.0 and NDR 2.1 Technical Specifications. The project will be conducted by undertaking a proof of concept Business Standard development. The CII semantic content in the CCL will be reused by defining CCBDA Message Assembly restrictions. A public review version of the resultant proof of concept Cross Industry Invoice (CII) will be published. The proof of concept example used will therefore be semantically equal to published CII D15B which will increase the usefulness of the project results for comparison purposes.

Project Deliverables

The deliverables from this project will include: - Procedure definitions - Description of the deliverables at each step - Proof of concept Business Standard (CII)

Exit Criteria


Project Team Membership and Required Functional Expertise

The project team is a group of experts with deep knowledge in standards production and publication and awareness of implementers’ expectations.

Head of Delegation Support

Geographical Focus

The geographic focus of the project is global.

Initial Contributions

The contributions submitted with this proposal include: - CCTS 2.01, CCBDA 1.0 and NDR 2.1 Technical Specifications - CCL D15B - The draft results of the work of the preceding version of the project including : i. Draft publication plans prepared by TBG 1, TBG 6 ii. Draft CCTS 3 Transition Plan

Resource Requirements

Required resources include project management and modeling expertise plus knowledge of CCTS, CCBDA, NDRs, the ODP and the production rules of the CCL.

Project Leadership

Proposed Project Lead: Rolf Wessel Proposed Editor: Gerhard Heemskerk


It is proposed that the revised project should restart at ODP Step 4 where the earlier project reached in 2013. This will enable the earlier relevant work to be reused thereby saving time.




Expected Completion Date



Expected Completion Date



Expected Completion Date



Expected Completion Date



Expected Completion Date


Expected Completion Date


Expected Completion Date

Procedure definitions, Description of the deliverables at each step, Proof of concept Business Standard (CII)YES2008-06-18YES2011-01-01 YES2011-05-27 YES2016-04-02 YES2016-06-01 YES2016-08-01NO 

Project Proposal Files

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