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Project Proposal: Core vocabulary related to single windows and similar platforms

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Project Purpose

Since the work on Recommendation 33 which set the basis for establishing a single window, multiple computer systems have used the term ‘single window’ to describe their system. However, this brings confusion to the business community when multiple systems in a country claim to be a ‘single window’ resulting in multiple single windows. This is further confused by private sector solutions describing their systems as ‘single windows’ without having received a mandate from the appropriate authorities. A more consistent use of the term ‘single window’ is necessary, and precise definitions of other types of systems should be provided in order to clearly distinguish different types of systems. This project proposes to provide such brief definitions in the form of a white paper which will read as an annex to Recommendation 33 and which could eventually be integrated into a revision of Recommendation 33 when and if this is eventually decided.

Project Scope

This project will propose a more precise definition of ‘single window,’ in strict compliance with what has been developed in the UNECE suite of recommendations on single windows (Rec33, 34, 35 and the ongoing work for the future Rec36). This project will propose terms related to Single Window development and working definitions of other types of platforms in order to provide to the government and business community clear, precise definitions.

Project Deliverables

The project deliverables are as follows: a) A White Paper on core vocabulary related to single windows and similar platforms

Exit Criteria

The exit criteria that will indicate the deliverable has been completed, are specified as below. a) White Paper on core vocabulary related to single windows and similar platforms • Internal and external review logs showing how comments have been addressed. • Final draft of text ready for publication.

Project Team Membership and Required Functional Expertise

Head of Delegation Support

Geographical Focus

Initial Contributions

Resource Requirements

Project Leadership






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Project Proposal Files

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