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Application Programming Interface Technical Specification (API TechSpec)

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Application Programming Interface Technical Specification (API TechSpec)

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Project Purpose

Multiple groups within UN/CEFACT wish to develop standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as part of the set of technical deliverables from their project. The RDM2API project demonstrated that it is possible to go from the semantics of UN/CEFACT towards APIs. This project aims to develop a technical specification in order to move from Reference Data Model (RDM) based deliverables to a standardized API which retains the richness of information available in RDMs.

Project Scope

Develop a technical specification which will standardize API production for UN/CEFACT RDM-based deliverables.

Project Deliverables

The project deliverables is: • Deliverable 1: Application Programming Interface Technical Speciation )API-TechSpec)

Exit Criteria

The exit criteria will be: • API Tech Spec ready for publication and Public Review disposition log demonstrating that all Public Review comments have been addressed.

Project Team Membership and Required Functional Expertise

Membership is open to UN/CEFACT experts with broad knowledge in the area of: broad knowledge of UN/CEFACT e-business standards and/or API technical knowledge.

Geographical Focus

The geographical focus of the project is global.

Initial Contributions

List any initial contributions: • RDM2API project “JSON -LD Vocabulary Publishing” guideline • RDM2API project “API 3.0 NDR and interface conformance rules” guideline

Resource Requirements

Participants in the project shall provide resources for their own participation. The existence and functioning of the project shall not require any additional resources from the UNECE secretariat.

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