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Trade Procedures Facilitation Domain

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Background Information

This Domain concentrates on the business processes, commercial practices and official procedures involved in the international trade transactions. Using the Buy-Ship-Pay (International Supply Chain Reference Model), the Domain covers all aspects of end-to-end transactions from initial sales contract to final settlements. ITPD is the successor of the TBG15 “International Trade Procedures Working Group” and GE2 of Working Party 4.


The work of the Domain is divided into three main areas: a) The maintenance of existing UNECE trade facilitation recommendations; b) The development of new trade facilitation recommendations; and c) New initiatives, techniques and tools to facilitate international trade transactions. Further work of the Domain includes: a) Ensuring that recommendation projects being developed in UN/CEFACT (within and outside of the ITP-PDA) are keeping trade facilitation in view; b) Ensuring that recommendation projects being developed in UN/CEFACT (within and outside of the ITP-PDA) are compliant with all published and approved UNECE trade facilitation recommendations; and c) Acting as a focal point for any questions related to recommendation development within UN/CEFACT.

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