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Trade Facilitation Agreement - Focal Point

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Background Information


The WTO has created the rules-based TFA. The TFA, once it enters into force, will oblige Governments to put in place a number of trade facilitation measures. The Focal Point will disseminate information on the WTO TFA to other Domains within UN/CEFACT and take into specific account the TFA in ITP-PDA work. It will support the opportunity provided by the WTO TFA in order to spur the development of new deliverables; in order to respond to the requirements it outlines.



Within the ITP-PDA the TFA focal point will address the following key objectives: a) Disseminate information within UN/CEFACT on the subject of trade facilitation directly linked to the WTO TFA and how the work being developed within UN/CEFACT can or should reflect the work of the WTO TFA b) Advise the Bureau and the UNECE secretariat on evolutions related to trade facilitation directly linked to the WTO TFA which should be considered in the workings of UN/CEFACT c) Respond to questions related to the WTO TFA which are received by the UNECE secretariat, the Bureau and other Domains. In so far as possible help to formulate informed responses which are in line with the core values of UN/CEFACT d) Monitor new developments and progress of the WTO TFA e) Review UN/CEFACT existing deliverables and those under development, and provide guidance on how the work can be packaged in order to respond to the requirements set out in the WTO TFA f) Perform a gap analysis of projects which are missing from UN/CEFACT and that should be developed in order to help provide the necessary guidance to implementers of the WTO TFA g) Help identify deliverables which are being developed by organizations other than UN/CEFACT which respond to the requirements established within the WTO TFA



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