Single Window Domain

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Background Information

UN/CEFACT has created a suite of recommendations in the Single Window area. The principal idea behind the Single Window concept is to make international trade regulatory information provision to traders and their service providers as little burdensome as possible, as well as the sharing and processing of the received information to the respective authorities. The official definition of Single Window is given in Recommendation N°33. The Single Window Domain is the successor of TBG15 “International Trade Procedures Working Group” and GE2 of Working Party 4.


This Domain maintains the suite of the recommendations published in the Single Window area. These include, in addition to the introduction of the concept and guidance on how to establish a Single Window operation, recommendations for data simplification and standardization for international trade (Recommendation N°34), establishing a legal framework for international trade Single Window (Recommendation N°35), and a recommendation on establishing interoperability between two or more national Single Window systems (Recommendation N°36, upcoming). Further work of the Domain includes: a) Promote the value and use of the Single Window concept and recommendation amongst other UN/CEFACT Domains and third party users. b) Monitor the implementation and operation of Single Window in order to build a repository of best practices. c) Identify additional areas of work that can improve the performance of national or international Single Windows. d) Develop recommendations, standards and other instruments to enhance the efficient and effective exchange of trade related data.

Related Deliverable

• Recommendation N°33 – Single Window Recommendation • Recommendation N°34 – Data Simplification and Standardization for International Trade • Recommendation N°35 – Establishing a legal framework for international trade Single Window