Revised Remittance Advice


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Revised Remittance Advice



Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to revise the function of the current Remittance Advice message for improving reconciliation works of traders, and sharing commercial information with the financial sector in order to adapt the recent-day commercial practice in the world.

Project Scope

Scope of the project is to exchange information from one party to another party about the payment including information of relevant commercial transactions. The parties involved in the exchange of data may be not only the buyer (payer) and his supplier (payee), but also the debtor financial institution and the creditor financial institution. The message can be transferred through the network for the commercial transaction but also the network of the fund transfer.

Project Deliverables

The deliverables from the project are: - The BRS and RSM documents - CC and BIE definitions for CCL - XML messages to support the business transactions

Exit Criteria

1. Acceptance of BRS and RSM for the project by the Bureau after agreed within Finance and Payment Domain of Supply Chain PDA. 2. Exit of the validation for CC, BIE and XML Schema applied for the new messages defined in the project.

Project Team Membership and Required Functional Expertise

The membership is open to experts in the area of commercial and financial transaction of Supply Chain and EDI and their e-business operation, and the functions of UN/CEFACT and its groups. In addition, Heads of Delegations may invite technical experts from their constituency to participate in the work. Experts are expected to contribute to the work based solely on their expertise and to comply with the UN/CEFACT Code of Ethics.

Head of Delegation Support

Japan Italy Thailand

Geographical Focus

The focus is global.

Initial Contributions

CEFACT/Forum/2008/TBG Cross Industry Remittance Advice (BRS) Requirement paper for revision of Remittance Advice (Annex 1.)

Resource Requirements

Resources required are business experts in Supply Chain and EDI in any region or country. Modeling expertise is also required. Note: The project does not require any additional resources from the UN/ECE secretariat.

Project Leadership

Project Leader: Hisanao Sugamata Editors: Sue Probert






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Expected Completion Date



Expected Completion Date



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Expected Completion Date

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