Green Paper on Sustainable Tourism (Experience Programs)

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Green Paper on Sustainable Tourism - Experience Programs

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Project Purpose

The project is to research basic and more extensive requirements for developing rural tourism as standalone activity and more likely as rural component of urban tourism. The working title for these combined activities could be Experience Programs (EP).

Tourism in this paper is not only regarded as an activity in itself but also as component of developing and (re)vitalizing certain areas with tourism potential without disruption of natural or cultural resources. This work is regarded as contribution to UN sustainable development goal No. 17.

EP, at this stage, could be major component of emerging tourism, which visitors might enjoy in a local area or areas of a country or regions. EP could be composed of localized events or activities and might be different from area to area or country to country, which might function to vitalize or revitalize the area or areas.

Some Asian Pacific countries, like India and Japan, have been studying EP or rural tourism in their local areas, and they are sure that in any country rural tourism might expand significantly in the future. 

Project Scope

In the project the following items will be well surveyed and discussed to create the Green Paper.

  1. Getting information on EP, tourism to less developed areas, rural tourism to as many as possible areas, or countries and finding global trends of EP.
  2. What local information could be identified to provide better visitor experience in local (including urban) or regional areas
  3. To identify how rural tourism should be facilitated
  4. How encourage global experts on business and technology join the work
  5. To identify possible future work after creation of the Green Paper  

Project Deliverables

The project deliverable will be the Green Paper, in which the following items will be described.

  1. Where and what needs exist to facilitate the business processes of EP
  2. How Sustainable tourism would function in local and regional areas to vitalize or revitalize these areas
  3. How Sustainable tourism will serve for UN/SDG
  4. What the better definition of Sustainable tourism and or EP
  5. Proposal should be made whether to create White Paper and Recommendation or to standardize the related business processes for electronic trade after this project
  6. What the picture of global EP trade would be in the foreseeable future
  7. Development milestones and necessary worldwide resource of experts for further work

Exit Criteria

The exit criteria are to complete the Green Paper and present it to the Bureau for approval and to advise experts what needs to be done after the project.

Project Team Membership and Required Functional Expertise

Membership is open to those business or technical experts in tourism industry, sustainable tourism or academia in emerging tourism. 

Head of Delegation Support

Head of delegation support is not required for the Green Paper Creation project. But he or she may invite experts from their constituency to participate in the project based solely on their needs and expertise, and to comply with the UN/CEFACT Code of Conduct

Geographical Focus

The geographical focus of the project is global.

Initial Contributions

The following contributions are submitted as part of this project.

  1. Paper provided by India which describes Indian emerging tourism that could be regarded as EP
  2. Japanese trials to vitalize or revitalize local areas by providing healthcare programs, which could be an example of EP, and some working results on EP in AFACT (Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business)

It is understood that these contributions are only for consideration by the project team and that other participants may submit additional contributions in order to ensure that as much information as possible is obtained from those with expertise.

Resource Requirements

Participants in the project shall provide resources for their own participation. The existence and the functioning of the project shall not require any additional resources from the UNECE secretariat.

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