Accounting and Audit Domain

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Background Information

This Domain focuses on using the UN/CEFACT Modelling Methodology for the provision of accounting, auditing, registration, and financial information services (enterprise information). This Domain is the successor of the TBG12 “Accounting and Audit”.


The work of the Domain covers the following topics: a) Accounting and Audit covers the recording of accounting entries, the processing and control of accounting documents; the exchanges of these entries and documents takes place amongst accountants or certified/chartered accountants, auditors, enterprises, economic partners of the enterprises, private and public collection bodies, as well as service providers, etc. b) Registration includes information related to taxation, new business filings, business amendments and other information filings required by governmental agencies; the exchanges of this information takes place between the enterprises and the registration authorities. c) Financial Information Services includes administrative, credit and risk reporting, financial statements, filings and similar exchanges that are applied across business and administrative sectors. The key deliverables of the Domain are: a) The production, maintenance and coordination of standard business components and messages in the fields of accounting, auditing, registration, and financial information services. b) The harmonization of business components both from the Accounting and Audit Domain and also from other Domains in the UN/CEFACT libraries. c) Providing review comments on horizontal issues such as the Message Design Guidelines. d) Preparation of principles and rules for implementation of standards based exchanges and services. e) Acting as a focal point for any questions related to accounting and audit related topics within UN/CEFACT. f) Cooperation with other standards organizations on accounting and audit related topics, such as ISO PC 295, for which a liaison has been established.

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