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Executive Summary

Project purpose

The purpose of this project is to ensure the long-term sustainability of UN/CEFACT’s libraries of business process and information models and associated technical artefacts (EDIFACT and XML).

Project scope

The four principles of sustainability are governance, resourcing, operations and architecture. The project will review these dimensions covering the specification, documentation, development, validation, maintenance, publications and application of UN/CEFACT Core Components and element directories. The project will first identify the as-is process with respect to: - Library maintenance activities - Identification of the specifications, techniques and guidelines that provide the “rules” for executing an activity - Identification of the roles carrying out each activity and the required skills to execute each activity. - Identification of the tools currently used in each activity. In a subsequent step the issues and challenges to the long term sustainability of the libraries should be identified and a proposals for their resolution should be developed. Identification of bottlenecks with respect to process activities as well as their human and technical resources. Possible alternative scenarios should be developed and evaluated against the current one. For each (currently manual) step it should be identified whether or not it can be (semi-) automatized. The required technical guidelines/specs and necessary tools should be outlined. Alternative tools that may be used in an activity should be identified. The pros and cons of each tool should be elaborated. Specification of management procedures supporting the library maintenance process in order to ensure an accurate timing and quality of the artefacts. A plan to appropriately staff all activities has to be developed. This plan also has to identify training activities to gain the necessary skill sets and the potential trainers.

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